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The Registered Retirement Savings Plan is Canada’s best known savings program. You receive a tax deduction for every dollar you contribute and all of the taxes are deferred until you make a redemption from the plan. A Spousal RRSP allows a spouse with a higher income to contribute to an RRSP for their lower income earning spouse while being able to use the tax deduction for themselves.


A Registered Education Savings Plan is an account designed to help save for a child’s post secondary education. The investment grows with the taxes deferred until withdrawal. The biggest incentive to contribute to a RESP is that the government will contribute an additional 20% to eligible plans.


The Tax Free Savings Account is arguably Canada’s most powerful and flexible savings program. The TFSA will allow you to earn any growth tax free. Are you saving up for a large purchase down the road? Any gains from your TFSA would be tax free! Want to earn a retirement income without any taxes? The TFSA could be your answer! We can work with you to help maximize the benefits of the Tax Free Savings Account. With so many investment options to work with, one of our Advisors to determine how the TFSA can best be used for your circumstances.

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