Meet our team

Tony Cuzzocrea, President
My name is Tony Cuzzocrea. I started Planmar Financial Corp in 1987. I have been a Financial Advisor for over 40 years, I enjoy what I do and have helped thousands of clients in London and surrounding areas achieve their financial goals and improve their lives. It has and will always be my number one goal to help people in any way I can. May I help you make your dreams come true? 
For the past decade I have been focusing on building wealth for my clients. I construct customized portfolios with your time horizon and risk tolerance in mind. I will look to find opportunities in the investment markets to grow your portfolio while minimizing your taxes. I look forward to building solid relationships with my clients in the many years to come. 
Mary Cuzzocrea, Representative
DD Abayre, Representative
 Imagine an Investment Portfolio that fits your financial goals…
If you are…
  • Looking for ways to maximize returns on your investment
  • Confused as to where to investment retirement savings for maximum growth and security
  • Intending to save for your children’s future
  • Seeking to reduce your income tax
  • Eager to lessen one of life’s biggest stress, caused by the lack of financial planning
  • Looking for a systematic way to achieve your short-term and long-term financial goals.
  • Curious to know what successful investors do.
My wonderfully simple and common-sense approach will help you understand today’s fast-paced and changing investment world. It will determine where you are today and help you get to where you want to be tomorrow. Together we will work out the most efficient way to achieve your financial goals and build wealth!